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Advertising in printed publications

Oil and gas industry magazines are read by your potential customers, that is why advertising in industry publications is very effective. Neftegaz agency has a thorough knowledge of the audience of each industry publication and places ads where they will be noticed by your customers. We place advertising in regional printed press - newspapers of Tyumen region, Udmurtia, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Komi Republic and other regions. We work in cooperation with publishers of training aids, telephone directories and oil and gas books. Advertising in these publications has a long lasting effect on potential customers.

Neftegaz agency will not only help you to select the right periodicals and newspapers. Perception of your advertising largely depends on its quality. Your potential customers should be receptive to the text or image. It often happens that a lot of money is paid for a cover page of a magazine but a poor quality ad module does not provide the required effect. Random placement of ads in many publications also decreases advertising effectiveness. You will be better off to hire professionals to handle your printed advertising campaign.

Neftegaz agency - only efficient print ad spending.

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