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Direct marketing

Direct marketing is direct communication of your sales message to the customer. The first step is preparation of a well-worded and clear sales message. This is where we start our direct marketing efforts. Neftegaz’ copyrighter and designer will produce ads your customer will want to read. After the sales message is ready, we start planning its delivery to your customer.

The first delivery method is mailing of your ads. We deliver them by post, by courier and as enclosures in industry periodicals. We update our databases of oil and gas industry companies. The agency personally addresses hundreds of CEOs in the oil and gas industry. The specific character of your ads is always taken into consideration to deliver your message only to your potential customers. We do not mass-mail your offers, but we first identify your target audience. Our efforts result not in reports about “thousands of mails” but in real calls from customers. Ads provided by Neftegaz agency will not be thrown away – they will serve as a reminder for your customers.

The second method is delivering your message right into the hands of the interested person. Neftegaz agency is able to communicate your information to executives and specialists at various events – from press conferences and parliament hearings. If your company is interested to deliver information to a particular organization, our promoters will hand over your ands to all employees right at the office door. There are many ways to deliver your sales message directly to decision makers.

Neftegaz agency will deliver to the customer a message he will read!

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