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Our agency focuses on the oil and gas industry; therefore we provide advertising that is most effective in that sector. We know what is what in the industry and how to influence those making decisions that would be right for you. We track all important oil and gas industry events and work with industry mass media. We actively use Internet for advertising purposes, and we take part in development of major industry-oriented websites. We have a regularly updated database of oil and gas sector companies. We can continue to add to the list of our advantages, but the key point is that we know how to add oil and gas producers to the list of your customers.

We use various methods in our work. Along with traditional promotion methods, sometimes we use some lobbying technologies. Specifically, we can arrange for your offer to be handed over to chief executives of a particular company. We can organize a series of impressive interviews with mass media, prepare and deliver your offers to many specialists in the oil and gas industry. Also, we work with government and natural monopolies if their position is crucial for your project. We do our best to let executives and officials not only know about your offer but also accept it. Naturally, the methods we use conform to the current legislation.

Cooperating with us is easy and comfortable. We do not bombard our partners with lengthy "concepts" created only to pad the bill. Our approach is different. There are two key questions to answer. The first is what competitive advantages your products have. The second one is which executive or specialist is interested in your offer. Then we will develop an action plan jointly with you. We are not altruists but a commercial organization, we provide only real services and we never throw your money about.

Neftegaz works with various companies. These are industrial holding companies, manufacturing plants, insurance, leasing, legal, trading, transportation and other firms that work for oil and gas industry companies as their key customers. All of them are interested to expand their presence and sales in the competitive oil and gas market. The goal is much easier to achieve with Neftegaz agency.

Your success in the oil and gas industry is our business!

Best regards,
Director of Neftegaz Agency Alexander Bikbulatov

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